Somehow assumed that this should disassemble and tried to figure out how. Don’t do that.

found on pippamarxstudio

Since it’s Earth Day thought I’d share some of the things I’ve upcycled during the years. There are a lot more of those and even more to come!

By photo: 1st - etched wine bottle glasses; 2nd - lamp from a huge 15 liter champagne bottle; 3rd - bike wheel clock; 4th - bike rim bottle openers (get one here); 5th - festive bottles (how to here).

Looks like a mountain (on a map) with a clock on top!

Although the author says this resembles wood growth rings. To each his own I guess! :)

Bicycles. Bicycles everywhere!

by Hipster Spinster

Tried some sorcery yesterday. Failed, learned my lessons and became somewhat proficient making the ombre ones towards the end.

Happy Easter!

Cheesecake eggs? Oh of course you want some. It’s never late to make stuff this good!

Is this machine meant for crushing cans or hypnotizing?

Tried making #ombre #easter #eggs, mostly #failed, but some are quite ok :)

I have no idea what kind of #sorcery I’m doing here! #eggs #easter

This lamp is made from… wait for it …paper!