Which one, 1st or 2nd?


Recently, my best mate told me that he was getting married. He asked if I could design a box for the wedding bands. At first I thought of making a simple rectangular box. But my partner challenged me and said,”Think ‘Sean Feeney’ and what he would do to push the boundaries of design. That is where we came up with an idea to make a triangular box. And though I did not have any machinery or precision cutting equipment, I managed to measure up and cut almost to accuracy the pieces needed for the construction. I then did the veneering using makeshift cramps and weights. 

The veneer used was Ebony Macassar. My Partner did the leather onlays on the sides and front edge. She was also responsible for the ingenious idea of making leather hinges rather than using traditional brass or steel hinges. The box was finished with shellac and walnut oil. 

Just in time for the wedding day!

From now on all the regular ring boxes will probably seem boring to me.

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Looks awesome and doesn’t seem too hard to make!

Would probably buy this if they had it as a proper sized tee. That said, it’s still worth sharing :)

by desPaleta

Outstanding - check
Functional - check
Handmade - check
One of a kind - check
Nice gift - check

by Bowls by Tom Zepeda

Plot twist: The creator of this was later accused of witchcraft

Ukuleles from celentano woodworks - as hip as it gets!

Ceramic cats for someone lacking just a little cuteness on shelf or somewhere else :)

Mustache comb for the most deserving and impressive mustache!

Take #drill out to clean shavings? Nope, who even does that? #nofilter #workshop #diy